Planning a Group Retreat

Six to Nine Months before Your Retreat

  • Begin praying.
  • Choose a format for your event. (Will this be a 1-day, Overnight, or 2-day event?
  • Set a date.
  • Choose a Director.
  • Gather your team and assign roles to help you plan.
  • Train your team.
  • Set a budget.
  • Choose a location (SFSC 419 443 1485)


Three to Four Months before Your Retreat

  • Plan your publicity.
  • Begin recruiting leaders for the retreat.
  • Estimate how many will attend.
  • Order materials
  • Visit your retreat location.
  • Schedule and plan leader training.

Eight Weeks before Your Retreat

  • Begin publicity.
  • Begin registration.
  • Begin gathering supplies & decor.


Four Weeks before Your Retreat

  • Continue registration and publicity.
  • Provide retreat information in your church office.
  • Hold your training session.


Two Weeks before Your Retreat

  • Check your registration count.
  • Check your supplies.
  • Continue publicity and registration.
  • Make contact with everyone who is attending your retreat.
  • Finalize details with leaders, location, food, etc.


One Week before Your Retreat

  • Are you still praying?
  • Prepare check-in items.


After Your Retreat

  • Follow up with each person who attended.

Hosting your program
Planned and Directed with/by the Center Staff

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