What are people saying about us?

This is our 19th annual retreat here.  Just driving onto the campus brings peace to my heart.  The Franciscan spirit of peace and joy is manifested in the people we encounter and the aesthetics.

– June Rich

Being able to see how you can do everything that you can do with electricity but without it is amazing to me.  This inspires me to make a renewable resource invention too.  Overall the experience was great, interesting and inspiring.

-Calvert student

The guided meditations have been a positive reinforcement on the journey my life is taking at this time.


 I always feel very relaxed when I come here.  Being in college is stressful, and it’s nice to come to a place that is worry free and spend time with my spiritual group members and God.

 -Claire Beadle

Pay attention to the here and now!


This day helped me be in the present and not worry about the past and future.


It has provided me with peace and joy.  A found a joy for finding a flower.


Made me more aware of importance of friends and keeping God in your life!  These gatherings are uplifting and enjoy meeting new friends.


Place of solace… Removed from distractions… Great place of reverance…

-Linda Draper

Helped me to focus on how many people in my life have helped me to grow, not only in human relationships but in my relationship with God.


It allowed me to be set away from the everyday chaos and reflect deeper.  Putting the seasons in perspective with faith and acceptance.


I am very glad I came.  I will think of creativity in a MUCH broader sense than I have before.  I AM creative!


I am so impressed with all of the work the sisters do here. They are all so happy and welcoming.  The meals were good and healthy.  I am going to try to be more compassionate and happy.

-Elaine Devencenzo

I was educated in new, sustainable construction.  The walks were great and I enjoyed the greenhouse and the educational literacy center.


Being at St. Francis has given me an opportunity to begin a new chapter in my life, both spiritually and professionally. The spiritual energy of this place is strong and it has blessed me in wonderful ways.  From the smiling faces to the genuine interest and concern of the staff and the sisters I had the joy of meeting, made my visit here even more special.  Thank you for all you are and do.  

-Glen Shedlock

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