Special Events

Christology: Understanding Jesus

Update on Facility

“Christmas 365” (2021) Raffle

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January – Breanne Cooper of Tiffin

February – Donald Tuite of Tiffin

March -Michael Craddolph of Tiffin

April – Rich Traunero of Tiffin

May – Phyllis Clouse of Alvada

June – Luis Hinajosa of Findlay

July – Daniel Rinaman III of Tiffin

August – Jennifer Essinger of Attica

September – Deborah Jester of South Carolina

Nature’s Way Retreat

Conversations about Coping with COVID-19

Conversations about Faith

Spiritual Direction Offered

The Mural Sr. Jane Made

The final step to Making the Francis and Clare Mural a reality. You must visit the Center and go to the lower level, outside of the Kitchen and gaze in amazement! Sr. Jane, you have outdone yourself!


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