Calendar Raffle Winners

Here are the latest winners:


12/1/17  Candace Murphy, of Tiffin

12/2/17 Sister Julie Grote, of Tiffin

12/3/17 Teryl Mershon, of Toledo

12/4/17 Dorothy Forney, of Tiffin

12/5/17 Jim Alberts, of Tiffin

12/6/17 Michele Loesser, of Tiffin

12/7/17 Julie Clouse, of Tiffin

12/8/17 Carlos Rodriguez, of Tiffin

12/9/17 Hurricane Harvey, of Boonville, KY

12/10/17 Sister Jane Frances Omlor, of Tiffin

12/11/17 Craig Dazey, of Tiffin

12/12/17 Karen Miller, of Tiffin

12/13/17 Boris Santillana, of Lakewood, OH

12/14/17 Donna Magers, of Tiffin

12/15/17 Earl and Jeanette Schroeder, of Ottawa, OH

12/16/17 April Weinmann, of Walled Lake, MI

12/17/17 Mary Lou Cummings, of Tiffin

12/18/17 Mary Beth Durnell, of Marysville

12/19/17 Mary Ellen Holm, of Mechanicsville, MD

12/20/17 Jane Ecos, of Tiffin

12/21/17 Mary Ann Rickus, of Tiffin

12/22/17 Rebecca Warner, of Sandusky

12/23/17 Adriana Lommerse, of Tiffin

12/24/17 Mary Steinhauser, of Tiffin

12/25/17 Sandy Robbins, of Taylor, MI

 12/26/17 Don & Fran Lucius, of Kansas

12/27/17 Howard Frazier, of Tiffin

12/28/17 Marilyn Gallant, of Findlay

12/29/17 Millie Lee, of Tiffin

12/30/17 Gary & Kathy Siesel, of Bellevue

12/31/17 Norb Kimmet, of Tiffin

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