Upcoming Healing Arts Seminar

Healing Arts Seminar - June 25

Note: The Healing Arts Seminar in June is not a repeat of the first seminar.  This event features new speakers and topics.

There are only 60 seats available and, based on the attendance at the first seminar, we expect this event will fill quickly.  To be sure that we don’t have more guests than we can accommodate, we are asking everyone to pre-register by calling 419-443-1485 or email peace@franciscanretreats.org.  When we have 60 pre-registrations, we will close the event and won’t be able to accept walk-ins.


8:45 AM

An Introduction to Naturopathic Medicine – Maleigha White, N.D.

A general introduction to naturopathic medicine–what it is, how the philosophy is different from conventional care, what to look for in a naturopathic doctor, as well as the tools a naturopathic doctor may use when working with their patients.  Discussion will cover the educational background for naturopathic doctors so potential patients know what to screen for.  The ways in which Ohio law changes what naturopathic doctors can do will also be addressed.

9:15 AM

Energy Healing – Sister Jackie Doepker, OSF, MA, Quantum Touch 1 certified

Explanation of how persons can help each other heal by directing the energy of their love to assist the healing process.

9:45 AM

Eating Clean – Kindra Ringle, RDN, LD

An overview of the simple concepts of eating clean.  The discussion will also highlight the resulting health benefits as well as cost benefits.

10:15 AM

Healing Meditation – Sister Edna Michel, OSF, MA, Spiritual Director

Discover the many benefits of meditation to body, mind and spirit, learn some basic techniques, and experience an optional guided meditation in a peaceful setting.


11:10 AM

Eat Real Food – Dr. Joel Ardner, D.C.

This session will present information about the food industry and how recent changes in what we eat have affected our health. Not only has the food business altered our view of what food is, but also it has led to the current state of chronic disease that plagues our nation.

11:40 PM

Introduction to Essential Oils – Beverly Martin, Wellness Advocate

Participants will learn what essential oils are, what they are for and how they can be used.  The discussion will also include information about how to identify pure, high-quality oils as well as how to use them with confidence.





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“Live a Life of No Regrets” presented by Robert Rogers on October 15, 2015

St. Francis Campus Community is HAPPY!

 The St. Francis Campus really is a HAPPY place to work, live and visit!

Several of our employees, sisters and campus visitors took part in the filming of our “HAPPY” video.

If you liked the first one, then you will love the second one…it even has a brand new happy cast!

We hope that you enjoy watching these videos as much as we enjoyed making them!

HAPPY” Holidays from our family to yours!


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The Mural Sr. Jane Made

The final step to Making the Francis and Clare Mural a reality. You must visit the Center and go to the lower level, outside of the Kitchen and gaze in amazement! Sr. Jane, you have outdone yourself!


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What are people saying about us?

Hospitality of the sisters here and the beauty of the grounds make this a sacred Space.  S Margaret Scanlan, Columbus, OH

I really enjoyed socializing with the sisters at meal times. Your hospitality is superior! Regina, Columbus, OH

The beautiful grounds, superb hospitality and total environment were conducive to a great retreat. Sr. Mary Catherine, Amherst, NY

We’ll be back! Rev. Roy Pheuman

Very enjoyable. Sr. Paulette is sweet and knowledgeable. anonymous

Pleasant, nice atmosphere. Glad I came. Betty Eshleman, Clyde, OH

Very calm and away from the normal routine. Pat Bowers, Tiffin

I will be in touch to visit or bring my women’s Bible study group.
Phyllis, Toledo, OH

Extremely kind and friendly. Andrea Bartson, Burgoon, OH

God bless you for letting us come here! You truly exhibit the gift of hospitality
Penny Buchko, Brighten MI

Wonderful, quiet places for quiet meditation, reading and thinking. Spaces are clean and attractive.
Diana Winebar, Findlay

The leaders were excellent and used top resources. The booklets prepared were A+. Julie

Everyone went out of their way to make sure we were comfortable, had what we needed and BEST OF ALL a place of quiet and stillness.
Ritamarie Miller

I enjoyed the way the day was scheduled. There was enough time to walk around
and enjoy the lovely grounds. I felt very rested most of the time.
Janet Pajk

I enjoyed walking around the grounds. It was very a very peaceful weekend.

Doris Stivan

Everything was lovely. The hospitality was excellent.

Josie Setzler

The aura of peace there always leaves me refreshed.

Joni Capes

The grounds are beautiful….great for walking, relaxing and celebrating God!
C Wrasman

“It was a wonderful week end as always. I thank you both so much for all the help and making our weekend great.  The ladies were all very happy with the whole week end. It was a general consensus that the grounds are beautiful and spiritual and a very welcoming atmosphere.”

Lane L

I really enjoyed the retreat – it was different. Just wonderful! You always make everyone feel at home.”


“The experience was most enjoyable and I look forward to coming again!”


This place is wonderful – thank you for providing an amazingly peaceful, restful place!”

J Sullivan

For me this retreat was once AGAIN just what I needed – I feel refreshed, invigorated and ready!